How about being part of a club that aims to help generate a smile on the faces of thousands of children?

Welcome to the Easter Bunny Club

- 1,5k unique nfts
- 100 uses for dissemination
- 1400 for sale
- 50,000 easter eggs or more! - 90% of the value will be reverted to Easter eggs.

Our goal

Our goal is to sell 1500 of our nft's, thus generating a value of around 50,000 easter eggs that will be distributed to needy children, we intend to publish the results on each bunnys page and put stickers on each easter egg referring to the bunny that made the Donation.

Identification and follow-up

You will have your own member page with the possibility to print your identification and follow the deliveries of your easter eggs!
meet our


  • Create collection.
  • Create Website.
  • Post on OpenSea.
  • Advertising distribution of 100 bunnys.
  • Sale of 1400 bunnys.
  • Creation of the individual page of each bunny.
  • Delivery of eggs .
  • Disclosure of results on the individual page of each bunny.
  • Creation of the v2 collection with 10k items and early disclosure with a discount for V1 bunnys.



For each bunny sold, about 50 Easter eggs will be donated to needy children.

Follow Up

Each club member will be able to follow the delivery of their eggs on youtube


Individual feedback page containing photos, videos and thank you letters for the delivery of your bunny


Each club member guarantees a place in the pre-sale with a discount on the Christmas collection that had 10000 items.